Reference Department

Reference Librarian - Lisa Bower Courtney

Reference Telephone - 860-583-4467

Reference Fax - 860- 585-4068

Reference E-mail -

There are many standard reference books available online now, so we have created a reference resource page to supplement our inhouse reference collection. click here to access the reference resource page.

Electronic Resources

All of our public computer have  Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint),  All material can be printed at the cost of .15 cents per page, .25 cents for color prints.


The library has twelve workstations available for patrons to access the Internet, two of which are located in the Children's Department. We also have one computer dedicated to reference work only.  Users must sign in at the Reference Desk and show a hometown library card.

Wireless Internet

 The Terryville Public Library offers free wireless Internet access to patrons with wireless-enabled laptop computers or handheld devices. All users are required to log on using their valid Connecticut library card barcode. By accessing the Internet in this way, the patron has agreed to abide by the library’s Internet Computer Use Policy.

Library staff can not provide the wireless card, configure or troubleshoot your equipment. Staff will verify that the wireless connection is functioning.

 Wireless access is available on the upper level and lower level of the library .

 If audio files are accessed, the use of patron supplied headphones is required.

Printing is not available.

The wireless network is not secure. It is the patron’s responsibility to protect their wireless equipment through the use of the latest anti-virus protection, spyware, and other standard security measures.  It is highly recommended that file sharing be turned off, and that credit card information, passwords or other sensitive personal information not be transmitted while using the wireless network.

Library Catalogs

Try our catalog computers to find books.  New graphics make it easier to find books in our library and in other libraries throughout Connecticut. You can now access our Bibliomation database from home.




ResearchIT Databases

iCONN is part of the Connecticut Education Network. It provides all students, faculty and residents with online access to essential library and information resources.  Through iCONN, a core level of information resources including secured access to licensed databases is available to every citizen in Connecticut.

InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

If there is a book you are interested in that our library doesn't have, please ask the reference librarian about getting the book for you from another library. We can get most books in a week to ten days. Libraries won't lend reference materials and usually won't lend new books, but other books, and now videos and books on tape and CD are available from most libraries. Ask us and we will see if we can get what you need.

Terryville/Plymouth Room

Come and see our newly revamped Terryville/Plymouth History Room. If you researching your roots and you have traced them back to Plymouth, you might find the Terryville/Plymouth Room helpful.   Just ask at the circulation desk, and they will direct you to the History Room. We also have some genealogy experts in town that do work for the Historical Society. Let us know if you need their help.

All About Books

The All About Books page lists many of the new books purchased by the library this year that are now available for circulation.  Check it out and see if we have what you're looking for!  Also listed are the library staff's favorite book selections and "Oprah's Picks".  There is a newly added "book review section", where comments from our book discussion groups as well as comments from other readers are included.  If you have comments about a book you have read, please let us know.  You can e-mail us, call us or stop by the library.  We'd love to hear from you. 

Artist of the Month

Each month an artist is selected to showcase his or her artwork at the library. Past displays include paintings, photography, sketches, youth art, masks, and origami clocks.  Come in to the library and see the "Artist of the Month" display. It is located upstairs on the burlap board across from the Reference Librarian's desk. If you are interested in displaying your artwork at the library call the Reference Librarian at 860/583-4467 or e-mail her at  To view current and past artist of the month artwork, click here

Display Case

Each month an artist or collection is selected to be displayed in the library's locked display case.  The display case is located downstairs across from the circualtion desk. If you are interested in displaying your artwork or collection in the library's display case, call the Reference Librarian at 860/583-4467 or e-mail her at