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Rules of Library Use/Behavior Policy

Patron Rights and Responsibilities

The library believes all users have the right to:

  • Free and equal access to information
  • High quality service without discrimination
  • A clean, comfortable and pleasant environment without threat of harm, invasion of property or privacy

The following guidelines for patron conduct are essential to ensure respect for others using the facility. The library reserves the right to restrict any behavior which interferes with other’s rights to use of the library, normal staff functions, or conflicts with the library mission. Individuals with unacceptable behavior will be asked to modify their behavior accordingly, or leave the facility.

To provide a clean, comfortable environment:

  • The proper use and care of the building and all library equipment and materials is essential
  • No smoking, chewing or other tobacco use in the library or on the library property
  • Food and drink belong outside the library
  • No more than four persons to a table and one person in a single chair

To allow for the safety of all:

  • Sidewalks outside, entryways, and passageways inside must remain obstacle-free
  • Children under the age of 12 are not to be left unattended
  • Parents are responsible for the behavior and supervision of their children
  • No illegal activities as defined by Town, State or Federal regulations
  • Refrain from verbally or physically threatening or harassing others
  • Patrons are responsible for their personal property
  • All bags are subject to inspection
  • Leave the library promptly at closing
  • No loitering on library property

To provide a disruptive free environment:

  • Patrons must refrain from loud noises or boisterous conduct including profanity, running, pushing, throwing objects, disruptive group activities, banging furniture, use of excessively loud audio equipment
  • Cell phones or pagers should be set on silent or vibrating mode with conversations kept low and minimal. Lengthy or loud conversations must be taken outside.
  • Public use of staff phones is limited to emergencies only
  • Campaigning, soliciting or petitioning or other acts that intrude on privacy are not permitted
  • Chronically disruptive minors may only return to the library with a parent or guardian

Amended 06/18/09 Library Board of Directors







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