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Materials Selection Policy

The materials selection policy of the Terryville Public Library has been formulated to serve as a
guide for authorized personnel in the selection of library materials, and to inform the public clearly as to the principles upon which selection of library materials are made.

The Terryville Public Library subscribes to the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read
Statement, and the related supportive documents of the American Library Association.


The selection of books and other library materials, whether acquired by purchase or gift, will be based on the following criteria:

  1. The appropriateness of the material in relation to the interests and needs of the library users and of the community as a whole.

  2. The value of the material for educational, informational, cultural, and recreational purposes.

  3. The timeliness of the information.

  4. The contribution of the material toward strengthening the existing collection of expanding its scope.

  5. The accuracy, authoritativeness, and competence of the presentation.

  6. Requests from individuals to which the above criteria can be applied.

  7. The permanent value of the material based on literary or scholarly excellence and other inherent qualities, considered without regard to demand.

  8. Budgetary limitations.

It is the goal of the library to build a balanced collection characterized by materials of current popular interest as well as materials of permanent worth.  While popular demand is a significant basis for selection, it must be borne in mind that many great works of scholarship and literature are keystones of modern knowledge and culture but may not necessarily be high demand items.  It is library policy to select, along with popular demand items, materials of permanent value, regardless of whether or not they will be widely used.

Textbooks will not be considered for purchase unless such items constitute the best available source of information in a subject. Such materials must serve the general public and the adult learning community in order to be considered.

Multiple copies of materials will be ordered to meet community needs and interests. However,
multiple copies cannot be purchased in response to student demands which the school system
should properly be expected to meet.

It is not the library's policy automatically to replace every item when lost or worn out. Need for
replacement is weighed in relation to the number of duplicate copies already owned; existence of adequate coverage in the subject field; other similar materials in the collection; and the demand for the specific author, title or subject.


The children's collection contains materials most suited to the abilities and interests of library users from pre-school to grade 6, while young adult materials are those most suited the abilities and interests of library users from 7th grade through high school.

Both children and young adult materials will be selected with the same care and judgement and
follow the same criteria as adult material.

It is the library's policy to allow children and young adults free access to the adult collection for the use of advanced materials for personal and educational enrichment.

The library recognizes and accepts the role of the parent or legal guardian in supervising the reading material of the child. The library staff cannot be expected to know the content of every book in the library or to supervise the reading of every young person who uses the library. The staff is not in a position to judge parental concern and control of reading materials for juvenile users.

Selection of library materials for the wider community cannot be inhibited by the possibility that
specific items of an advanced nature may come into the possession of children.

The library has a responsibility to provide books and other materials presenting several diverse
points of view concerning the problems and issues of our time. It must, therefore, be understood clearly that ownership of library materials does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the library of the ideas or viewpoints expressed within these materials.

Selections of library materials are not made on the basis of any anticipated approval or disapproval by specific individuals or groups, but solely on the merits of the works in relation to building the collection and serving the needs of library users and the community as a whole. While the library is aware that one or more persons may take issue with the selection of specific items, the library does not have to remove from the collection items purchased in accordance with the criteria specified above. Nor will material be marked in such a way as to show approval or disapproval.

Adopted 9\95




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