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Internet Resources

Where to go for information on The Affordable Health Care Act

Learn about the Health Insurance Marketplace & your new coverage options through Obamacare

Connecticut’s Official Health Insurance Marketplace - How, where and when to sign up

Health and Medicine

Breast Cancer Information - Created by women with cancer, for women with cancer

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Online source for credible health information

Health Central - Answer questions, check symptoms, find resources

Healthnet - UCONN Health Center consumer health information network

Health Literacy Resource Guide -  Medical Information in Plain Language

On Health - We bring doctor's knowledge to you

Physicians Desk Reference - Full FDA-approved product labeling, multi-drug interaction checker

Mayo Clinic - Health information, education and research

Mayo Clinic Dieseases and Conditions - Comprehensive guides on hundreds of conditions.

Social Security Online -This site informs people about the extra help that is available under Medicare Part D.

Vegetarian Resource Group - A non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about vegetarianism and veganism

Vegan Society - The world's first vegan society. Provides fact sheets on topics including nutrition and health

WebMD - Health information



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